What is YSDA?


YSDA is the education wing of YTPL. YTPL is an IT consulting company and we are engaged in delivery high value IT solutions to our customers which are a mix of Software/Hardware/Networking and operations solutions to our customers. The directors at YTPL have decades of experience in successfully managing projects in E-Learning, Character Animation, Augmented Reality, VFX, Gaming, Architectural Walkthroughs, E-Governance, Networking, Turnkey solutions.


We want to leverage this industry experience to educate and create resources for our own in-house requirements and for the industry at large. Our experience tells us that people come with certificates, but they lack skills. Gone are the days when a certificate alone lands you a job. Today we have a huge requirement of skilled & industry ready resources and this is the gap that we at YSDA aim to bridge.


How is YSDA different from other Institutes?


Let me begin with telling you what we are NOT. YSDA is not your regular computer education institute. We do not intend to recruit unlimited number of students at YSDA. We do not offer a plethora of courses. We do not believe in just impart skills to use a particular software or tool which most people tend to think when it comes to learning animation or gaming. We are also not much interested in admitting students who wants to do another course and add a certificate to their resume. 


We are looking for people who have passion for creative arts and want to make a career out of it. We want people who want to be in this industry as a matter of passion and choice. They choose and are ready to dive deep in to acquire in-depth knowledge and are motivated and self-driven. We want to create absolutely industry ready resources when they finish our courses. We want to remain focussed on making each one of them a resource that industry players would be delighted to hire, and they would be more than ready to contribute to real life projects as soon as they are hired. 

If they choose to be self-employed they would be ready to take up projects all by themselves and would be confident to deliver.


What is the Placement Assistance percentage/or what are the career opportunities I get from this institution?


We are looking at holistic development of each student. Candidates will be trained on soft skills, spoken English & resume writing skills. Candidates will be given internship in YellowBerry’s own production labs where they will work on real life projects during the tenure of the course. This will enrich the students with enough work experience & skills to face any job interview with a lot of confidence. Being in the industry, we will facilitate campus interview for our candidates and each student will be given multiple opportunities to attend interview and bag a job of their choice.


What is the quality of the faculty?


The faculties or teaching staff at YSDA are from the industry. They leverage years production experience to impart the skills needed in the industry. The focus at YSDA is always to get the students ready for the industry.


How is the environment of your institution?


Unlike an institute, learning at YSDA will feel more like on-the-job training. Assignments/Projects will be focused on training students to meet customer requirements, quality expectations and timely delivery. The environment at YSDA is that of a production house and not that of a regular software training institute. We expect high standards of professionalism from the students and our goal is to make professionals out of aspiring students.


Coordinator for admissions and queries?


Our counsellors can be reached at: 080 4973 6454 / 97312 47317




Process of Admission?


Our counsellor will get guide you with the admission process. The process includes submission of documents which includes copies of academic certificates, Identity Proof, Current & Permanent Address Proof, 5 no’s of Passport Photographs, Contact Details of the student & Parents/Guardian.


Identity Proof: PAN Card/Aadhar Card/Driving License

Address Proof: Aadhar Card/Passport/Latest Utility Bill/


How will I learn?


Learning at YSDA will be based on real life projects and assignments. You will be doing multiple small and big projects/assignments during your course tenure. 


How will I be assessed?


You will be assessed on your attendance, assignments, Project Deliveries, Initiatives, Creative Skills, Innovativeness and commitment to quality of deliveries.


What group size will I be taught in?

20-25 students


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